Install Overlay

Install obs overlay

NOTE: If you prefer to use OBS Studio over obs classic. You definitely can do that and still use my overlay, but you will have to manually add everything to OBS Studio.

Getting Started

In order to get going on using the overlay, first you'll need to have a few things installed. 

Verify Installation

Lets make sure that you installed OBS Classic correctly. Open up the OBS application on your system. Once OBS is open, At the bottom of it you should see three columns (shown below.) If your OBS won't open, be proactive and see if someone else has had the same problem and has already solved it.

  • Scenes - are the different pre-made screens which will use throughout the cast
  • Sources - are what make up the scene. Could be an image, web cam, game capture, video play, etc...
  • Buttons - The mic is how you mute your own mic, sound image is for muting your own sound. Everything here is fairly self explanatory, if you have question there are a ton of OBS tutorials out there.

Lets make sure you installed your plugins correct. Right click inside of the sources list box and you should see a menu pop up next to your mouse that says "Add >" hover over that and you should see a list of options (e.g. "Monitor Capture", "Window Capture", "Image", etc...) If you installed the plugins correctly one of the options should be "CLR Browser" and another should be "Video Source". If you don't see them, you probably messed up the installation. Go back to the top links and try to reinstall which ever plugin is not showing up. 

If you still don't see them show up.


Import the OBS config

The next thing you'll want to do is go to my github page and download my latest overlay at : In the top right corner there is green button which says "Clone or Download" and underneath that will be a button that says "Download Zip" click on that and download a zip copy of my overlay

Next extract the contents of the downloaded zip file into folder C:\tf2camera

If you did it correctly, your folder should look like:

NOTE: The overlay does actually have to be in this exact folder. The only reason we're putting it this folder is so you don't have to do any changes to the obs config to get it to work. If you don't have a C drive or don't want to put it in that foler. You will just have to manually change the source locations in OBS.

WARNING if you already use OBS Classic and don't want my scenes to overwrite yours. Make sure you back up your existing scenes by exporting them. In the file menu go to:

Scene Collection > Export

Next we'll need to import the OBS scenes into your OBS. Lets create a new scene collection in OBS by using the file menu at the top:

Scene Collection > New

This will prompt you to give it a name. Lets called it sigafootvoverlay. Next we'll need to import the scenes into this new scene collection. In the file menu select:

Scene Collection > Import

The file you'll need to import should be located at


Now your OBS should look like

Highlight the Waiting_Prior_Background inside of the Scenes list box. Then click Preview Stream button on the right side and if you have everything set up correctly. It should look something similar to this :

 Place holder

Place holder


Lets hope it worked on your first go. If not check the troubleshooting guide below. You can move on to step two of production.


  • If you're seeing red boxes

This is because the location of the sources does not exist. So you didn't properly put overlay into C:/tf2camera. Either you can fix that or you can change the location of that or locate where you did put them by right click on the sources. Select properties and change the location.

  • If the background video is not showing up (is black)

This is because you do not have the video plugin installed. Look above in this guide for help on fixing install issues. Or because the video is in a different location then the C:/tf2camera.

  • If you the production list, score board, logo, etc.. is not showing up

This is because you do not have the CLR plugin installed. Look above in this guide for help on fixing install issues. Or because the video is in a different location then the C:/tf2camera.

  • Things are outside the screen or not displaying properly

This would be, because my overlay was designed for obs in 1920x1080. In the top file menu open    Settings > Settings    and in the settings pop up select    Video  inside of that screen you should see base resolution, make sure it's set to 1920x1080.

Note: you do not in anyway need to output at 1920x1080 to use my overlay. This is simply so you don't have to manually change everything to see it working. If you wish to use a lower res, you definitely can. You will just need to manually fix each screen.